Realize true Edge AI with Reservoir Computing.

Fully Edge AI

Complete learning(Training) and inference(Prediction) on edge devices.

ARM Cortex-M series Ready

Support for microcontrollers with ARM Cortex-M series!

Easy to Use

By using QORE CLOUD, you can verify without writing a single line of code.

Fully Edge AI

QuantumCore's proprietary technology using Reservoir Computing has enabled a fully recurrent neural network (RNN) that can go from training to inference on edge devices.

ARM Cortex-M series Ready

Supports not only ARM Cortex-A series but also Cortex-M series! The minimum memory requirement is 64kb, so it can be implemented in a wide range of devices.

Easy to Use & Customize

Provides QoreSDK for use with Python and C/C++. Qore also provides QORE CLOUD, a cloud tool that allows you to design without writing a single line of code. It supports regression, classification, and clustering tasks.

High accuracy on variety of industry

Less defect data in manufacturing, less personal data in healthcare,  or poor internet connection.

Disease detection ECG

Accuracy: 93%
Train time: 3sec
*Arrhythmia detection from open source

Speaker’s voice recognition

Accuracy: 99%
Train time: 0.8sec
*9speakers’ voice data from open source

Status report from sensor/sound

Accuracy: 94%
Train time: 8sec

Sleeping posture from vibration

Accuracy: 98%
Train time: 12sec
*24 category identification by Qcore

Excretion timing from smell

Accuracy: 80%
Train time: 15sec

Swimming style from 
acceleration data

Accuracy: 96%
Train time: 3sec

Research Team

Shingo Akiyoshi

CEO, Co-Founder

Search engine dev. in "Excite"
R&D in deep learning in "Mistletoe"
New AI biz-dev. in "Digital Garage"

Takehiro Nagashima

CTO, Co-Founder

Auction dev. in "Yahoo!"
Founding engineer in "Tabelog"
CTO in "DGLab AI"

Yuichi Katori

Research adviser

Associate Professor in "Future University Hakodate"
Research fellow in "U-TOKYO"
Best paper in "IJCNN2019"

Awards, etc.

Microsoft for Startups

QuantumCore has been selected for "Microsoft for Startups".


QuantumCore is an associate member of SEMI.

ILS TOP20 Startup

QuantumCore was selected as one of the TOP20 companies in "Innovation Leader Summit2019".

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